Categories and Characteristics of Articles
From review papers to thematic series papers and topical research - We emphasize diversity!

The goal of Geoscience Canada is to publish general-interest articles about the Earth Sciences in Canada, or about developments in the Earth Sciences outside Canada, which are likely to be of special interest to Canadians. We also seek to publish review articles and thematic series papers that inform a wider audience across and beyond Canada, and bring modern Canadian Earth Science to a worldwide audience. We pride ourselves on publishing articles written at a technical level that can be understood not only by specialist research workers but also by non-specialists in other branches of the earth sciences. In a single sentence, we serve and encourage diversity in science and communication.

Information below should assist you in formulating a contribution, but we encourage you to contact the editors for clarification.

Geoscience Canada generally contains five types of articles, as follows:

  • Review papers, normally ~2000-7000 words in length, that synthesize existing information in some field of the earth sciences, and will have lasting value to researchers and educators.

  • Thematic Series papers, normally ~2000-7000 words in length. These are generally invited, and integrate recent research results with existing information on a specific topic. For information on our current thematic series and editorial contacts, see "Themes" on the main menu. We can accept unsolicited contributions, but prefer advance discussion.

  • Topical articles, normally ~1000-4000 words in length, that present new research on a topic of emphasis, and in particular explore the wider implications of findings rather than the presentation of descriptive detail or large amounts of numerical data.

  • Topical articles, normally ~1000 -4000 words in length, that discuss the interaction of the Earth Sciences and society, or discuss issues in science that extend beyond technical research.

  • Conference reports, generally ~1000-3000 words in length, provide a review of some major scientific meeting and its implications to the Earth Science community.

In addition, Geoscience Canada also contains a range of regular features, such as:

  • Book reviews, generally of technical material, considered to be of interest to the readership.

  • Columns by invited contributors, touching upon modern debates in Earth Science, offering historical perspectives, or other topics.

  • Comments on published articles, which are generally published in comjunction with responses by the original authors.

  • Editorials and letters to the editor on topics of interest.

NOTE: Articles in these assorted categories are generally less than 1000 words in length, and are not subject to peer review. Commentaries on published articles will of course be sent to the authors for consideration and reply, and cannot be anonymous. We welcome suggestions for columns, book reviews and other such material.

Consider Geoscience Canada as a publication vehicle for your research - we want your ideas!

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