Rates and Charges for 2016
Geoscience Canada is a mixed-format journal in which some articles and information are freely accessible as of publication, but other content requires a subscription for access for two years following publication. Open Access is a new initiative for 2016.
  • Individual Subscriptions ($CAD, annual): $70 ($50 for GAC Members; Only $15 for student members)
  • Institutional Subscriptions ($CAD, annual): $250
  • Note that Insitutional Subscriptions can be 'packaged' with other journals through Erudit (www.erudit.org)
  • Subscriptions from GAC - Note that Membership carries multiple discounts with other societies!
Open Access Supplements
  • For immediate open access upon acceptance: $1000, plus $100 per printed page or part thereof
  • For open access after 1 year: $500, plus $50 per printed page or part thereof

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