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Thematic Series Papers - An Overview

Geoscience Canada structures many, but not all, of its published articles as part of Thematic Series Papers which are directed towards specific areas of geoscience, or target particular problems, or honour the contributions of leading Canadian geoscientists. These papers are in many cases invited or at least solicited, but we do accept voluntary contributions that are seen as appropriate contributions. Thematic Series Papers appear in the journal over periods ranging from two to five years. In many cases, the papers within a series are eventually published as an independent book compilation by GAC.

Thematic Series Papers are typically 4000 to 7000 words in length, and integrate new data or concepts with existing information to review and investigate the relevant themes.

To see information on current Thematic Series, and also proposals for new initiatives, check the categories that interest you in the menu. Pages provide summary information, selected examples of contributions, and contact information for series editors.

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